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Torvald - Black Tallion Empty Torvald - Black Tallion

Post  Susano on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:50 pm

Reference Sheet: Here
Name: Torvald - Thor's Ruler
Symbol: -to be decided-
Species: Tallion (Tal-lee-own)
Relationship: member
Sex: Male
Age: Young Adult
Rank: Apprentice tracker
Mark: Life Tree
Sire: Deceased
Dam: Deceased
Siblings: Unknown
Mate: none
Cubs: none
Unique Traits: Six sharp horns are lined down the back of his neck, He has hooves on his hind legs, Green stripes line from the middle of his back and down his tail.

Abilities: At night or in dark places his stripes and eyes glow. Can regenerate quickly. Can run long distances without tiring and is extremely fast for his size. He can keep pace with a cheetah and last longer.

Personality: Confident, Valiant, noble, and a bit cocky.

Background Story: Torvald was a praised coursing champion. He was the best of the best in the competitions against cheetahs, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, and Pharaoh hounds. He took pride in his skills as a champion racing cat, but he did not let his pride take over him as he was always a good sport. He had many friends that were dogs and cheetahs, but could not figure out why he was the only one like himself. He would ask the other courser if they ever saw any other Tallion like him, but they were as baffled as him. It wasn't until his human had taken him to a fighting competition, that he saw another like himself. She was a bit bigger than him and had a body of beautiful gold with Purple stripes. She was way more muscular than him and was fighting three big dogs at once and winning. Torvald was amazed at her power and how well she handled herself. He was so intrigued with the female that when his human covered his cage again he jumped. He couldn't get the female out of his mind when he and his human returned home. He began letting his races slip and started losing as he thought of her. It was set in his mind that he needed to see her again. So one day as he was being let out to race, he bolted down the track and over the fences. One of the barbed wire fences caught his racing vest and torn it off as he fled.

With his knew freedom he set off to find the female he had seen. He tracked her back to place where she fought, only to find that she was already gone, broken free and disappeared. With her full scent still lingering he was able to track her scent, he must of been just a few days behind her as he followed the trail into the Savannah.

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