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Post  Susano on Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:26 pm

Reference Sheet: Here!
Name: Natsumi - Summer Beauty
Symbol: Nsoromma - Guardianship
Species: Tallion (Tal-lee-own)
Relationship: Unknown
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Mark: Rogue
Sire: Deceased
Dam: Deceased
Siblings: Has a brother and sister but doesn't know what happened to them.
Mate: none
Cubs: none
Unique Traits: Six horns are lined down the back of her neck, She has hooves on her hind legs, Purple stripes line from the middle of her back and down her tail.

Abilities: At night or in dark places, her stripes and her eyes glow. Can regenerate quickly. Can run long distances without tiring, and jump 10ft from a stand still.

Personality: Calm, confident, sarcastic at times. Strong willed, tough, and stubborn. distrusting. Natsumi has an affinity for Females, but that doesn't mean she hates males.

Background Story: Natsumi was born to a small pride of the last of her kind. When she was only a few months old, her pride was hunted and killed by humans. The hunters spared only the cubs of the pride and later sold them to zoo's and private buyers. She herself was sold to a private buyer, who raised and forced her into fighting arenas with other fighting animals. She grew up a killing machine. The battle field was all she knew yet she longed for the freedom she had as a cub, playing with her siblings and running wild. But she was caged and chained, a trained beast. Until one night when her life turned upside down by a little human girl. The daughter of the man whom owned her, came down for a visit, like she so often did. Natsumi had grown very fond of the human girl, having basically grown up together. The girl was crying that night, her father had beaten her in a drunken rant. Natsumi was furious, how dare someone hit her girl?! Rage took hold of her, and she broke her chains. She went straight to her abusive owner. In her blind rage Natsumi killed her owner, while still enraged she accidentally turned on the girl she cared so much for. After striking the girl unconscious she snapped out of her rage. Horrified by what she had done to the only one she cared about, Natsumi ran. She ran as far away as she could get. Trying to isolate herself from everything. She's traveled through forests, over mountains, over seas and across deserts. Now she finds herself in even more unfamiliar territory as she walks through the Misfit Pridelands.

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