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Gero, silver tallion Empty Gero, silver tallion

Post  zabor on Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:56 pm

Reference Sheet:

Name & Meaning: Gero, meaning fierceness

Symbol & Meaning: none

Species: lion (tallion)

Relationship: member

Sex: male

Age: 25 years.

Rank: apprentice for tracker

Mark: South Mark.

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Siblings: none

Mate: none (yet)

Cubs: none

Unique Traits: colors, six horns down the back of his neck, two horns on his head, glowing stripes and eyes, hooves on hind legs.

Abilities: fast healing, abnormal strength.

Personality: Shy but strong, somewhat timid and gentle, fearless

Background Story: Gero was born and raised in captivity, first in a zoo then he was bought by a rick man and taken to America, being shown of to other rich humans. He was raised with a strict hand, learning that humans was the ultimate masters and he had to listen to them. As he grew, and got stronger he also learned humans that fear something hurts what they fear. He was often hurt by his master, kept on a chain to avoid him causing harm to his owner. One day his master traveled with him to Egypt, wanting to show the creature of to the locals. Gero was chained outside all the time, which led him to meet a young rogue lioness, who told him about freedom and being one’s own master. After she left his master came out and tried to hurt him again, but the tree he was tied too couldn’t hold him, and he attacked and killed his master. Sighing he scratched off the collar around his neck and jumped the short fence, racing out into the wilderness. On his travels, where he learned to hunt and to fight, he heard about a pride of lions who were different, and he started to look for them, having learned the hard way that most lions would not accept those that looked different from them.

Gero is © me, do not use without permission.

Tallions are (c) Susano

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