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Tugger (Wild Dog) Empty Tugger (Wild Dog)

Post  WolvenRemorse on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:13 pm

Tugger (Wild Dog) SmallTugger

Reference Sheet: http://wolvenremorse.deviantart.com/art/Tu...2F28478072&qo=0
Name: Tugger
Species: Wild Dog.
Relationship: Unknown.
Sex: Male.
Age: Young Adult.
Rank: Middle packmate.
Sire: Unknown.
Dam: Unknown.
Siblings: Unknown.
Mate: Looking.
Pubs: N/A.
Unique Traits:
1. Bright green eyes.
2. Unique coloring.
3. Scars.
4. High Charisma and Dexterity.
5. Low Intelligence and Wisdom.
Abilities: None.
Personality: He's always trying to think ahead, but fails most of the time. He really enjoys a challenge, pushing himself further and further to prove himself. He's a middle ranking pack mate, and has no desire to become alpha. He's pretty 'simple' when it comes to thinking, but makes up for it by being a hard worker and determination. He's way too trusting, and despite being attacked multiple times by his pack mates, he still values and trusts them. His Alpha Snakebite has put him in his place multiple times when Tugger has tried to help others. He thinks Snakebite is wise and fair. All he is concerned with right now is finding a mate, and having his own family.
Background Story:
Tugger was born to a middle pack female, and after he was born, a new alpha came in to power, Snakebite. The alpha decided to kill all the offspring except for only a few of the older/stronger pups. When it came to Tugger's mom, she didn't want her pups to be killed, and Alpha Snakebite made an example out of her, and killed her. Tugger was too young to remember, but he was raised in the group, and no matter how many times he asked for his mom, no one would talk about her. Tugger has all but forgot about his mother and siblings, as an adult. He willingly, and almost blindingly, follows Snakebite's every word.

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