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Post  WolvenRemorse on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:23 pm

FeatherFall (Wild Dog) SmallFatherfall

Reference Sheet: Right Here.
Name: FeatherFall.
Species: Wild Dog.
Relationship: Pack member.
Sex: Female.
Age: Adult.
Rank: Hunter.
Sire: EagleTalon (Deceased)
Dam: StormWalker (Deceased)
Siblings: WarDrum, ThornTooth, and QuickStrike.
Mate: Searching for him, currently Unknown.
Pups: Currently Pregnant.
Unique Traits:
~Brown Fur Base.
~Pink nose, gray spots.
~White socks.
~Purple eyes.

Abilities: Low Strength/Constitution, High Intelligence/Charisma. She is not a fast runner, or very good physically fighting at all. With a low Strength, she's easily out powered, and with a Low Constitution, she's more likely to suffer a bad injury, or get sick from bad water. However, she has a High Intelligence meaning she's not dumb, and can push around others who are less intelligent rather then using Strength. With a High Charisma she's very much social with everyone.

Personality: Talkative, sweet, and kind. She's generally very friendly, but can't stand Alpha Snakebite. She loves her brother to death, and constantly spends time sleeping in his den, or going hunting with him. Now that she's pregnant, she spends most of her days walking the border of the Wild dog territory, looking for her mate.

Background Story: She left her old Pack after her parents were killed, and found Wardrum, her brother. After joining Wardrum's pack, she was deemed useless by Snakebite because she refused to be his mate. After being forced to stay on the edges of the pack, she used to spend more and more time hunting. Until one day she started to show signs of carrying pups. When Snakebite tried to force her out of the Pack, Wardrum made it clear to him that if she went, he did too, and that would make a weak pack.

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