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WarDrum (Wild Dog) Empty WarDrum (Wild Dog)

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WarDrum (Wild Dog) SmallWardrum

Reference Sheet: Right Here.
Name: Wardrum (Pronounced Wardrum rather then War Drum).
Species: Wild Dog.
Relationship: Pack member.
Sex: Male
Age: Adult.
Rank: Hunter.
Sire: EagleTalon (Deceased)
Dam: StormWalker (Deceased)
Siblings: FeatherFall, ThornTooth, and QuickStrike.
Mate: Looking.
Pups: N/A.
Unique Traits:
~Gray Nose
~Almost completely black front right leg, except for brown sock.
~Docked tail.
~Nicked ear.
~Damaged eye.

Abilities: Low Intelligence/Charisma, High Strength/Constitution. He's not very bright, or a good talker, a bit socially awkward in fact, but he's very strong, out powering most opponents with his bulky build. He's also got a high Constitution; poisons, bad meat/water, and injuries are nothing to him.

Personality: Quiet, but fierce is something that has always stuck to him. When he was born (first in the litter) his mother, StormWalker, gave him the name WarDrum, saying he would become a great Warrior, like his Father, EagleTalon. He grew up fighting, building his strength, and eating double then the other pups. He's loyal to those with High Charisma, since he is bad at speaking to others.

Background Story: When he was on a hunting mission with his fellow Hunters, a Human Tribe trapped him in one of their huts, after he fell victim to curiosity. They tried to tame him, using him as protection during the night from leopards, and other predators. One night he broke from the contraption tying him to a tree, and fled in to the night. However, his Pack had moved on, afraid of the Humans. He walked until he found Snakebite's Pack. Now he's one of the only still living members.

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