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Post  Rurouna on Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:00 am

A pelt as silver as the stars slowly drifted through the standing brush that was the outskirts of the Misfit Pride territory... A new face made it's appearance and it was a unique face at that. A thick skull lifted and a brutish male, eyes as golden as the sun, and a mane as white as snow softly tested the air in the new territory his paws had carried him to. He seemed normal enough, acting as if he was the typical intruder, but for the meantime making his presence a secret. What stood out the most, and what made his appearance seem awkward, was not only the odd markings over his left eye... but the mismatched pupils that followed suit. On the side with the marking, a slender, cat like pupil resided, and on the other, a typical lion eye. He was an odd one, seeing as he couldn't seem to make up his mind weather to proceed or not. Swiveling his ears back and fourth on his skull he flared his pink nose once more, making sure he didn't catch the scent of any of the prides members. He knew he was treading on dangerous territory... But he wanted to at least see what this land was all about. He had heard from other Rogues that a pride of unique beings resided here, and though he was reluctant to go into a pride, something was pushing him to.

Lilivo was a poor cub, not one to have a typical upbringing... Instead he lived a life of pain, and anguish, fearing the beatings that would come from his sire... But throughout it all, he always managed to keep a smile across his maw. For what ever reason, that part of his life was a vague blur... As if something was surpressing it from his mind. Shaking out his mane, a light sigh heaved from his lungs, his eyes scanning over the earth that he wondered if it would soon be his new home.
"We're here..." almost as if he was talking to someone, Lilivo stood silent, letting his mind wander for a few moments, a blank expression passing over his features. Without another word, he took a step forward and began to let his four carry him further into the Pride's territory... Something driving him, almost as if he wasn't alone.


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