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Misfit Pride Lands

  • Misfit Pride Lands

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  • Borders

    For those lions who are new, or wish to start at the beginning, this is the very edge of our Borders. Here you are most likely going to run in to a Patrol, since they walk these borders three times a day. You can make it known now if you are a friend, or a foe to the Misfit Pride.
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  • Hunting Grounds

    This is all the plains area around Life Tree, including parts of the brush areas. The Misfit Pride owns this territory, however the Elephants also claim to own some of it, and will fight to prove it. If Rogues, or any other carnivorous creatures are found on the land, they will be killed on sight. If you want to be friends with the Misfit Pride, it's best to start talking immediately.
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  • Water Way

    There is only one flowing river through the pride lands, it is found on the left side of the territory, and coils around the Life Tree before curling in to the Living Falls Mark. There is a large pond that forms to the top left side of Life Tree, where all the creatures come to take a drink, or wallow to cool down. However, this is a death trap, there are Crocodiles under the surface, and predators stalking in the tall grass.
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  • Soul Circle Rock

    This is a natural gully in the earth, found a short distance, on the right side of the Center Mark's Life Tree. It's about a three minute walk away, and in the bottom of the gully grows bright beautiful flowers. The outside of the gully is protected by giant, strong, boulders. Here is where the Misfit Pride, lays their fallen comrades for their final sleep. It is called Soul Circle Rock because at night there are strange glowing balls of light that dance around in a circle in the gully. The only way to see the gully from afar is the giant boulder that looks like a sitting lion.
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  • Misfit Mountains Mark

    In the north is where the Misfit Mountains lie. A network of tunnels and dens run through the rocky terrain. On the exterior watch towers on all four corners encircle the area. This is also where you can find the Judgment/meeting circle where lions get acquainted or are judged for their misconduct.
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  • Healing Winds Mark

    To the east of Life Tree, one would find the Healing Winds Mark. Most who live here assume the Rank of Healer, however, not all do. The Mark is found on the edge of a thick set of woods, which are filled with most of the herbs Healer's use. Their dens are built from fallen trees, senegal gum acacia, umbrella thorn acacia, and whistling thorn acacia. Collected, carefully, of course, their thorns protecting them from enemy, and their blossoms protecting them from the elements. Thickets are also used in this manner, like a wall, protecting them from all sides.
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  • Life Tree Mark

    The Center Mark is a large, old, Baobab Tree that never seemed to be important. The middle of the tree is hollowed out, and the sides create a staircase up into the branches. Even though its hollow, its still alive and healthy, where it got the name "Life Tree". This mark has the best of both worlds, being high in the air, or being protected deep underground.
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  • Living Falls Mark

    To the south of Misfit mountains, not as long a journey as it may seem, is the Living Falls mark. Protected on two sides by the ever growing jungle and a natural, huge, water fall.
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  • Hidden Kingdom Mark

    The lions in the west live in a hidden den... Above ground the plains are normal as animals graze, beneath large cave like dens and tunnels house the lions. There are two entrances.
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