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  • We accept all art forms here! You can draw, write stories, or role play with us to develop your Lions. Though, keep in mind, we are mainly a role playing group.

  • To have a strangely colored pelt. (Any color you want!)

  • To have strange pelt markings. (Scars, Tattoos, Tiger stripes, Zebra stripes, Leopard spots, giraffe spots, etc)

  • To have a bizarre eye coloring. (Any color you want!)

  • Deformities / Handicaps are encouraged. (If you're not sure, Note us!)

  • Be any Hybrid of a Lion. (However, let's keep this realistic, a Giraffe and a Lion are not mating, neither is an Alligator and a Lion. So if you have these features, it has to be from a Laboratory DNA crossing, or something.)

  • Jewelry is okay (Piercings, Bracelets, Necklaces, etc) HOWEVER, there MUST be a back story for each thing. For example, Alpha Aurora has a piercing from being a 'pet' in a Tribe of Humans. Her bandanna was given to her to tell her apart from the other 'pets'.

  • You can have a name that isn't African. But please refrain from naming your lion "Fluffy" or "BillyBobJoe".

  • We do follow the Warriors (By Erin Hunter) and Watership Downs (By Richard Adams) Series closely. You can name your Lions the same way. Though, be realistic, give your character an appropriate name. Featherfall, RainChaser, ImpalaHop, etc are good. RobinWing, Finchtail, are not appropriate for Lions in Africa, since they wouldn't know these creatures.

  • Tattoos/Symbols are encouraged, however, please have a back story written for how your Lion got their Tattoo/Symbol.


  • PLEASE do not submit a character until the form is filled out. We really prefer both the reference sheet, and form to be together (Form filled out in the Artist's Comments, section.). However, if you are waiting on a commission for the reference sheet, post the form filled out as a text deviation, and we'll accept you.

  • PLEASE do not submit a draw/story/anything to our group, and put it in our 'Featured' folder. Put your deviation where it belongs. All the folders are clearly marked. If you do put your submission in the Featured folder, it will be deleted.

  • You can NOT have any human language skills. This a firm rule, please don't break it. (Scroll down for the section on "Humans" for more information.)

  • You can NOT have any knowledge of Human technology. (This includes accessories, such as fancy hair styles, ipods, leg warmers, etc.)

  • You can NOT make a Rogue, Hyena, Painted Dog, Meerkat, etc until you have a Misfit Pride member first.

  • You can NOT try out for a high ranking position without doing the work. For example, you can't just try out to be a Rook, you have to start as a Guard, then an Alpha's Protector, then a Knight, then a Bishop, then you can try for a Rook position. ( For more information on Ranks, please visit here: )

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