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Nadhiri - Reluctant Avenger Empty Nadhiri - Reluctant Avenger

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Name & Meaning: Nadhiri – “vows”

Symbol & Meaning: undecided

Species: tallion

Relationship: member

Sex: female

Age: adolescent

Rank: undecided

Mark: Life Tree

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Kamaria (rogue, deceased)

Siblings: Zuri, Desta, Tendaji (rogues, deceased)

Mate: is looking

Cubs: none

Unique Traits: horns, back feet are hooves, front feet are paws, glowing red stripes down her back

Abilities: heals abnormally quickly, goes into a rage when under stress and becomes almost invincible, but cannot determine between right and wrong during these rages and cannot remember the events that occur while she is in this state.

Personality: she is a strategist, and also something of an inventor. Always thinking about how things can be improved. She is generally good-natured, but is in a constant state of fear because of her unpredictable rages. She keeps the fear to herself, though, and does her best to fit in.

Background Story:
She and her family were captured and experimented on when she was young. Her father was killed in the struggle. They were kept for several years in small cages in huts while scientists performed their experiments. Eventually Nadhiri came up with a plan to escape during a feeding, but it went wrong. The humans managed to kill her family, and Nadhiri went into a rage and killed all of the scientists. This was her first rage, so she didn’t know what it was. She fled and eventually found the Misfit Pride.

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