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Post  zabor on Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:51 pm

Reference Sheet: http://zabor.deviantart.com/art/Tempest-257391316?q=gallery%3Azabor&qo=1

Name & Meaning: Tempest.

Symbol & Meaning: Akoben, war horn, vigilance, wariness

Species: lion

Relationship: member

Sex: female

Age: 20 years.

Rank: apprentice for hunter

Mark: south Mark.

Sire: Lusala

Dam: unknown

Siblings: Dwanh

Mate: none (yet)

Cubs: none

Unique Traits: fur color, fur pattern, which changes constantly, glowing gusts of wind coming from her paws when she walks, big size.

Abilities: can control winds and storms.

Personality: calm and cold, slightly aggressive, gentle towards those she knows.

Background Story: Being raised by her father since the pride exiled them she have learned to be calm but cruel, following her father in his search both for a home and for wars. She grew up mostly alone, until they met a pride willing to take them in, where she learned how to play and to be friends with others. She was overjoyed when she got her little brother, and took great care of him. When the humans attacked them she was the one who got the cub away, the trio heading off. She cares for her brother much still, keeping him safe and teaching him when their father is away.

Tempest is © me, do not use without permission.

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