Audience with the Queen (meeting with Aurora)

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Audience with the Queen (meeting with Aurora)  Empty Audience with the Queen (meeting with Aurora)

Post  Susano on Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:39 pm

Natsumi followed Aurora down to her den in silence. Her glowing stripes and eyes making it a bit easier to see in the dark tunnels. Koji followed close behind as the two adults lead the way. The silence bothered him, he knew what was on his mother's mind but he promised he wouldn't say a word.

When the trio reached the den of the alphas, Natsumi bowed her head in greeting to the King and the cubs(assuming he was watching them). The Tallion was on edge, she wasn't sure how either alpha would take the news of what she was about to tell them. It took all her willpower to keep her heart calm, she hadn't felt this nervous since her first ring fight when she was a cub. In her mind she could hear the shouts of Uprights, and the snarl and barking of fighting dogs. The cranking of gears and the light leaking into the cage as the ring door drew open. The stabbing of hot prods stuck her flank and she was forced into the ring to stare at huge battle scarred dogs snarling and snapping at her. Just before they were released she felt the nudge of a tiny head against her paw and she was snapped back to the now.

"My Queen.. and King, thank you for seeing me." She started as she shook the memories to the back of her mind. Koji sat next to his mother, being as well behaved as he possibly could, more awe struck as he couldn't remember ever being in the presence of both the royal family ever.

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