A need for advice

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A need for advice

Post  Ghedi on Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:11 am

Slowly a blue figure made her way towards the cemetry. She paused and swallowed. Should she have come? Wouldn't it be weird....It was because of her he wasn't there to guide her. She still felt so much guilt.

Ghedi was extremely sweet and caring but she longed for comfort from family.

She drew a deep breath as she continued towards his stone, covered in weeds and moss. She sighed and a glistening tear rolled down her cheek. Sitting down, she started whispering.

'I'm so sorry my brother..I wish you were here.' She looked up. 'You have 2 wonderfull nephews by the way. I don't know yet if any of our powers passed on.' She paused and cleared some moss to stroke the symbol. Then she lay down, crying softly.

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