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Post  Naasir on Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:09 pm

Reference Sheet:

Name: Masavoa (the Giant)

Symbol/Meaning: Mmere Dane- Time Changes

Species: Tallion

Sex: Male

Age: Adult (28)

Rank: Apprentice for Hunter

Mark: Misfit Mountains (North)

Sire: Deceased

Dam: Deceased

Siblings: Natsumi (younger sister)

Mate: None (yet)

Unique Traits: Glowing eyes/stripes, jump 10 feet from standstill, rapid regeneration, 2 times the size of a
male lion (large even for a tallion), Expert Hunting skills, hooves on back legs

Abilities: Sonic Roar- stuns/confuses enemies for a short period of time
Camouflage- assumes a state of mind that allows him to be unnoticed by enemies *not invisibility!*

Personality: NOT a quiet kind of cat. Masavoa speaks his mind, whether you want to hear it or not. Has difficulty making decisions, almost always does what he's told rather than making up his own mind. It's not that he's lazy, he just CAN'T do it. Distrusts all but his own kind, meaning tallions, not other wild felines. Would rather intimidate an enemy with his size and sound rather than fight, which is his achilles heel.

Background: Masavoa was seperated from his small pride at an early age, taken by villagers while exploring. He was trained to be a hunting companion, and his skill in this field was soon respected by most of the humans. He was worshiped for the food he brought back to his captors, and soon he forgot his old life in the wild. However, hard times fell upon the village, and famine struck. The herds disappeared, and food became scarce. The villagers could no longer afford to feed the massive tallion, and so one morning they drove him off. He's been roaming on his own ever since, avoiding other predators because he doesn't really know how to fight.

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