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Post  WolvenRemorse on Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:39 am

The young Tallion struggled to breathe, her crushed ribs causing her to wheeze loudly, the sun was starting to rise in to the sky, causing the temperature to blister. With an exhausted whine, she pulled herself toward some underbrush, hissing in loudly with every movement. Tears strung her golden orbs, causing them to close in defeat, but all she could whisper under her breath was, " Mo-Mom... I'm free... I'm free... I'm free... "

Curling up tightly under a fallen Acacia tree, she used it's thick branches, thorns, and leaves to shelter her. Her Markings were dull at best, maybe it was the lighting, or maybe it was her life force slipping away. Her blood sizzled behind her, fizzling before shooting around the brush. At least she wouldn't leave a trail to her location, but it never occurred to her she could be in danger.

While laying under the Acacia tree, she watched her blood pool beneath her, and before long, the small lightning sparks jumped up, shooting for the drying tree branches above her, hissing, she watched in horror as a fire quickly spread. She pulled herself out just in time, but collapsed in pain, " Co-Come on then... If you want my life, you've got to work for it... " Hissing, she dragged herself from the fire, but fell in to unconsciousness, her dreams desperately trying to tell her to wake, and run.

At least the Boots will never have me again... Not in life, or death...


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