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Post  Susano on Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:02 am

Yips and laughs echoed off the walls of the dens as Koji hopped and skipped his way next to his mother. He was happy and excited, this was the first time she had been able to spend time with him since after the fire. He wagged his tuft tail and excitedly raced in circles around her. He hadn't quite grasped how to speak yet but Aunt Nashati had tried teaching him and he could mutter and fumble over words. "Wher....gooo?" He voiced excitedly as he pranced next to his mothers brown paws.

The dark depths of the underground dens were illuminated in violet around her as she walked along the carved hall. Her pup yipped and cackled that famous hyena cackle, although a bit squeaky, as he danced around her paws. Her head was filled with the burden of these trying times. The new lion she found on the borders seemed like he would be a good addition. But she knew she would need to go find more food and soon. The Tallion was snapped out of her thoughts and back to the moment when she heard Koji speak. She wasn't aware he was even capable of such a thing, and yet she felt a spark of pride swell in her chest. "We are going to pick a den for us, sound good?" She asked in a sweet and caring tone, something not many others would have seen. The little red pup wagged his tuft and nodded his head so fast that she swore his head might start rattling. She continued to walk until the pair came to a series of empty dens of all different sizes. "Alright little one, we need one big enough for our family. Go pick us one." She smiled down at him, hoping he could understand everything she said.

Koji straightened up and presented himself as if he was a proud tracking dog, before darting off into a random den. He stuck his nose to the ground and sniffed around the den until he ran into the back wall and bounced back on his butt. Shaking his head he growled at the wall then turned and pranced out as if the den wasn't good enough.

Natsumi purred in amusement as she watched the pup run in and out of dens. She couldn't help but think about the other two litters of cubs in these underground tunnels. They were going to grow up fast, and she worried for them and their mothers. This reminded her that she needed to hunt, every little bit counted, and she didn't want to see anyone go hungry. She sighed and padded up behind Koji as he pranced into another den. He sniffed around then sat down in the center and smiled, seeming satisfied with this choice. Natsumi looked around the den, it was big with a flat step in one of the back areas. The step was high enough that Koji had to climb a bit to get on to it, but wide enough for three lions to sleep on and be fine. The rest of the den's floor was still roomy enough for a few more lions.

The Tallion looked at Koji and smiled, "Good job." She said and licked his head in praise. The red pup ran in a circle then jumped up on the raised step, he caught his front legs and tried to pull himself up but was unsuccessful. Natsumi grinned and picked him up gently then set him on the flat top of the step. She stepped up to join him and laid herself down, with Koji instantly snuggling into her belly. The cold ground was a bit uncomfortable, but until the foliage grew back, it would have to do.

With the pup snuggled into her belly, Natsumi soon fell asleep not realizing how tired she actually was.

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