Sauda and Hakim Sankofa

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Sauda and Hakim Sankofa Empty Sauda and Hakim Sankofa

Post  DarkBeautySauda on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:21 am

Adopted Rper: DarkBeautySauda (WeAreCheshireHearts)
Reference Sheet:
Name: Sauda (Dark Beauty.)
Symbol: (Stained on chest) Nyame
Sex: Female.
Rank: Healer.
Mate: Not right now, but soon.
Cubs: N/A
Sire: Alpha Adwin-Badru
Dam: Alpha Aurora Sankofa.
Siblings: Adjatay, Hakim, and Kayin.
Unique Traits: Unknown.
Abilities: Has a real gift for healing. She's always studying plants and following her mother's close friend, Abrihet, to learn more about healing with plants.
Personality: Sauda was the third cub in the litter, and when she was born, Aurora was so happy to see a tiny baby girl. As soon as Adwin-Badru saw her, he uttered words of beauty, for her dark colored coat was just so gorgeous. She grew up much of a daddy's girl, and still is to this day. However, she spends more time worrying about being a Healer then making friends or worrying about males. She is very light hearted, and care free most of the time. She loves to study her plants, but is always making time for her family. She is most attached to her brother Hakim, but enjoys the other two just as much.

Reference Sheet:
Name: Hakim (Wise brother.)
Symbol: Unknown.
Sex: Male.
Rank: N/A
Mate: Not right now, but soon.
Cubs: N/A
Sire: Alpha Adwin-Badru.
Dam: Alpha Aurora Sankofa.
Siblings: Adjatay, Sauda, and Kayin.
Unique Traits: Unknown.
Abilities: He can see in to the future, past, and present. He's learned to control it, but can only try once a day, and he can't control what he's going to see, at least not yet. He's the one cub who looks the most like his Father, but lacks the random spots like him. He is very worried about his Older brother, Adjatay, and the darkness he see's growing inside him. But he hopes to help guide him away from that. He's very attached to his brother Kayin, seeing how they have the same ability. He also loves his sister deeply, always saying she has such a healing aura about her, that he can never feel bad around her.
Background Story: Born to the Alphas a couple years ago. He's the second born.

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