Rainy Season

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Rainy Season

Post  WolvenRemorse on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:35 pm

[ Welcome to The Misfit Pride! ]
Our current weather conditions: Rainy Season

What does this mean for you? It's simple, there are many things changing now that the rain is finally here.

P r e y
Now that the rain is here, our Pride land is getting the well needed moisture. Pools of water are forming again, the watering hole is replenished with clean yummy water. That means the Prey animals that migrate through our territory to get to their Birthing Grounds (a protected area, North West of the Pride Lands, through the Prey Run Valley, which snakes through the Mountains) will stop frequently to drink.

However, they will not stop long, there are dangers all around them, and not nearly enough vegetation for the herd due to the Fire damage. Hunt what you can, when you can, but be careful. The storm puts the Prey on edge, they can stampede without warning.

P a t r o l s
The constant rain is soaking our lands, which is making all the vegetation grow back quicker then normal. However, all the water, and the vegetation growing, will cause our scent Markers to wash away quickly. Be sure to do your rounds every day, and Mark our territory each time. We can never be too cautious.

F l o o d i n g
Pools of water are forming on our landscape, some are clumping where they should, however some are not. The territory is now filled with puddles, some are very deep and can injure a Lion who isn't watching where they are going. Not to mention, the River which splits our Pride lands is currently overflowing with water. Crossing the River will be very, very, dangerous.

D a n g e r s
Like a Star @ heaven North Mark, Misfit Mountains, your outside rock areas, which are normally very stable, will become less stable as the Flooding continues. Going outside is dangerous now due to land slides, and the surface of the rocks becoming constantly wet makes for great moss. Rocks will be slippery now, so be very, very, careful.

Like a Star @ heaven East Mark, Healing Winds, you still currently have no Mark to return to, the lands are flooding, so any projects to clean up have been postponed. The good news is after the Rainy season, the tall grasses will be back.

Like a Star @ heaven Center Mark, Life Tree, the River beside the tree is beginning to overflow with rushing water. Lions are no longer allowed near that side of the tree, or to cross the River unless in pairs. The entrance to the Life Tree has been built up, creating a speed bump of sorts to stop water from flowing in. However, the canopy is still pretty bare from the leaves being burned off, so going up in to the canopy will be very, very, slippery. So be careful, or you will fall to your death.

Like a Star @ heaven West Mark, Hidden Kingdom, being underground makes for a very rough going with constant flooding. You must make a decision to close your entrance off until the flooding has stopped, or abandon your Kingdom once again this season, to live with another Mark. If you remain as you are now, your tunnels will flood, and collapse, killing Lions in mountains of thick, heavy, mud.

Like a Star @ heaven South Mark, Living Falls, your Rain Forest which is normally raining, will be drenched. It will be impossible to stay dry for a while, your territory is starting to flood like normal. Remain high up in your cave, and tree dens until the Rainy Season passes.


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