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Reference Sheet: [link]
Name: Nadra Nyame-Sankofa (Precious/Special/Scarce).
Symbol: Akoma "the Heart" [link] (on her stomach)
Species: Lion.
Relationship: Pride member.
Sex: Female.
Age: Cub.
Rank: Cub.
Mark: Life Tree.
Sire: Alpha Adwin-Badru Nyame.
Dam: Alpha Aurora Sankofa.
Siblings: (First Litter) Adjatay, Hakim, Sauda, and Kayin.
(Second Litter) Itzel, and Chike.
(Third Litter) DreamSpeaker, CloudGazer, Cathal, Lesedi, and LilyStep.
Mate: N/A.
Cubs: N/A.
Unique Traits:
1 - Pelt Colors.
2 - Named after Aurora's friend, Nadra Akoma, who was killed the same day as the cubs being born.
Telepathy, enough to communicate from long distances.
a little more strength than a normal lioness, she rates up with the males in stamina and endurance.
Strong and noble, Nadra tries her best to be the best she can at anything she is tasked. She hopes to be a great warrior someday. She is also extremely curious, as most cubs are, which may get her into some trouble. Some what of a tomboy with all her wrestling and "Someday I'm going to be a great warrior!" talk. Hates being called "Princess" she'd rather be a protector and let her siblings handle the royal business. She is also kind and gentle when she needs to be, but she'd rather keep the look up that she's "one of the boys".

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