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Springs new Life

Post  WolvenRemorse on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:08 pm

Aurora carefully moved across the landscape with ease, her swollen belly now slimming down, she was slowly working off that pouch of extra skin and fat from carrying the cubs. Her trimmed, strong, muscular self was slowly returning, though not nearly as fast as with the previous litters. In her gray dappled maw, hung the curled form of a cub. The cub was only a week old, but pretty big for being only a week. She was mostly white, with black, and red markings along her sea foam pelt. Like her instincts told her, the cub didn't make a sound, or move during the journey.

After about fifteen minutes of walking, Aurora saw the boulder sticking up in to the evening sky, the Lioness shaped marker that showed her the way to the cemetery. She hadn't been to Soul Circle Rock in about a year since she lost her second litter cubs, but today was the day to revisit her Star Pride destined comrades. Stepping down the cool flat stones, she reached the bottom, breathing in the soft flowery scent of herbs that grew like a bed covering the graves.

Slowly, walking around the gully, she found the second tallest grave, which was still fresh, turned churned right where a body would lay. Moving toward the grave, she set her cub between her paws in front of the stone, " Akoma... Knight, Alpha's Protector, and Warrior... Murdered.... " She sighed softly, bowing her head in sorrow, tears lightly dripping from her maw, however one hit the cub on the head, causing it to squeak in discomfort, " I'm sorry little one... " She leaned down, licking away the warm, salty, tears from her head fur.

" Nadra, I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you... I understand that you were one of my best friends, always beside my side from the beginning, but I don't know why you went off alone along the border. What were you thinking? I told everyone they weren't to go alone... " She sighed softly, " I can't scold you now, but I hope you can hear me in Star Pride. Because, well, this is Nadra Nyame-Sankofa... I named her after you, because when I was having her, it seems your death had been reported to Buru. He didn't want to tell me until I had calmed down from cubing. She will be your successor, she will continue where you left off. I hope that some day she will learn about you, and follow in your noble paw steps. Please, Nadra, watch over her, my friend, guide her to the right path so she may have a long, joyous, life. " She licked at the cub again, before sitting up, and putting a paw on her head stone, " Thank you my friend, may Star Pride accept you with open paws. " With that, Alpha Aurora picked up her young cub, and walked out of the gully, allowing the night to fall silently over the graves.


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