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Post  zabor on Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:31 pm

Reference Sheet:

Name & Meaning: Nawvlee, meaning big demon

Symbol & Meaning: Mate Masie, ‘what I hear is what I keep’

Species: lion

Relationship: member

Sex: male

Age: 15 years.

Rank: apprentice for hunter

Mark: Center Mark.

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Siblings: none

Mate: none (yet)

Cubs: none

Unique Traits: Two large horns going from behind his ears, curling halfway around his neck and underneath his chin, black and brown mane, cream, amber, green, blue and brown body fur, inside of mouth is light and dark blue, with the top of his tongue and insides of his cheeks being orange.

Abilities: Can manipulate liquids, mainly water, poisonous bite.

Personality: confident, somewhat cocky, a bit rude, loyal, gentle.

Background Story: Nawvlee was raised by his big brother, after their parents got killed by humans, after being blamed for cattle killing. Nawvlee don’t remember this himself, but his brother have told him it many times. Growing up as a rogue, he and his brother hunted anything anywhere, and when Nawvlee realized he could manipulate liquids he started practicing, in secret because he was scared his brother would leave him for being weird. As he grew he also realized that he had a poisonous bite, his teeth having grooves and ridges that the venom, produced in two large glands on the rear of his skull, behind his ears and under his horns. He couldn’t inject venom like a snake, but learned to chew the venom into prey or enemies. (Kind of like a Gila monster) He also learned he have a weaker bite than most lions, a result from having hinged jaws, allowing him to swallow larger pieces of meat than normal lions, and his venom makes up for his weaker bite. As he grew he got more confident, and lost his fear for many things. At the age of 12 he and his brother attacked some buffalo, but it backfired and they were chased off, Nawvlee’s brother getting killed by a big buffalo. Surviving on his own Nawvlee traveled, looking for a place to live full time, since being alone was a lot tougher than being with his brother. He have developed a dislike for authority, and will often snap at anyone trying to push him around by using rank. (which have happened while he traveled, other prides or rogues) Having learned rules from his brother, he respects females more than males, and will try his best not to anger them.

Nawvlee is © me, do not use without permission.


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