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Otieno, electric lion Empty Otieno, electric lion

Post  zabor on Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:04 pm

Reference Sheet: http://zabor.deviantart.com/#/d3ng95y

Name & Meaning: Otieno, Means Born at Night.

Symbol & Meaning: Akoben, war horn, right shoulder.

Species: lion

Relationship: member

Sex: male

Age: 17,5 years.

Rank: apprentice for warrior.

Mark: South Mark.

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Siblings: none

Mate: none (yet)

Cubs: none

Unique Traits: flame colored mane with a stripe of spiky, stiffer hair going down the back of his skull and a bit down his neck.

Abilities: Can generate electricity from the spiky hair, most of which is generated by friction or movements, also from the warmth around him.

Personality: Shy, uncertain of himself and very quiet, though he will speak up to defend his friends.

Background Story: Otieno was part of a genetic experimenting that a group of humans did with lions, but his mother escaped before he was born. Though he don’t remember his mother or if he had any siblings, because when he was 6 years old he hit his head and lost his memory. He managed to survive alone after that on scavenging and sneaking after other prides for years, until he was big enough to hunt on his own. He learned quickly that his mane, and the glowing spiky fur there would make him be seen easily, so he used to cover it in mud. Then one day he learned, by being cornered by a large pack of hyenas, that the spiky fur could generate electricity. He started using it for hunting, sneaking close enough to use the electricity to stun prey. He’s grown up all alone, being chased off from other prides because of his odd coloring. When he heard of the misfit pride he headed there, hoping to find a place to belong.

Otieno is © me, do not use without permission.

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