Hungry for Blood

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Hungry for Blood

Post  Rurouna on Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:13 am

"FOOLS! They're all fools!" A lone figure hissed to itself as it perched itself onto the cheetah mound, extending it's claws into a fresh kill, spilling the blood of the still slightly squirming antelope beneath it's weight. Nkiruka lay, scarred what seemed even more so and her charcoal pelt an even darker shade. Her red eyes seeming to be an even more menacing shade as she stared down at the creature beneath her that was still struggling for what little bit of life hadn't bled out already. Her maw was curled in what almost seemed to be an eternal snarl as she averted her gaze out into the lands that she once freely roamed on. Ever since the outlands and the Healing Winds had burnt to the ground, the lioness was left with nothing. She had started to have the makings of her own pride... her own puppets to use as she wished... and she had even set her sights on a male that she had intended to possibly call as a mate... Though the black female was not one for settling down, and she had planned that after she had her way, she'd simply rip his throat out and leave him for the crocodiles. Oh what friends she had made with them. How she'd wade into the murky water and just wait for their reptilian bodies to surface, threatening to snap her up and drag her down. What a thrill she would get in sinking her claws into their thick skins and roaring, watching as they'd swim away from her. For a lioness who knew no fear, Nkiruka found great pleasure in frightening everything she believed she could.

But these MISFITS where something that made her blood boil even more then she could imagine. A pride... A pride that was in pain and grieving... It was like music to her ears. She didn't know why she despised them as much as she did, possibly it was the number of males they had among them, she wasn't sure, but all she knew was that with every fiber of her being she wanted to destroy them. It had been a while since she had fed on the bodies of another lion, and she could feel her chops begin to salivate at the thought of that tough, yet juicy flesh between her teeth once more. After all, this female was a lioneater. When one is left with nothing to survive on but another, they will do anything they can to live. The antelope beneath her let out one more pitiful eue before collapsing, it's final breath heaving out of it's lungs. An unamused expression passed over her dark features before with a grunt she leaned down and took it by the neck, sinking her fangs deep before simply ripping out what ever she had grabbed onto and proceeding to chew it down. Her ears twisted as elephants trumpeted in the distance, and a bloody grin spread across her maw. Parting her jaws she bellowed a deep, and vicious roar, letting the pride know that she survived... and that she wanted revenge.

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