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Post  BanzaiRabbit on Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:16 pm

Creator: BanzaiRabbit.
Reference Sheet: Nothing up to date, but here is a good image, created by Kitten84: Found Here.
Name & Meaning: Adwin (Creative/Artist) Badru (Born under Full Moon) Nyame (Shining One).
Symbol & Meaning: "Existence of Spirituality".
Species: Lion.
Relationship: Pride Member.
Sex: Male.
Age: Older Adult.
Rank: Alpha of Misfit Pride.
Mark: Life Tree.
Sire: Unknown.
Dam: Unknown.
Siblings: Unknown.
Mate: Alpha Aurora Sankofa.
Cubs: (First Litter) Adjatay, Hakim, Sauda, Kayin.
(Second Litter) Itzel, Deceased, Deceased, Chike.
(Third Litter) Unborn
Unique Traits:
1 - Pelt Colors.
2 - Intense Green eyes.
3 - Proud, but rather quiet.
4 - A lot older then he actually seems, but that is a secret between Aurora, and Abrihet.
5 - He adores his cubs, all of them, and enjoys napping while they wrestle all over him.
Abilities: He can see the Past, Present, and Future when ever he feels like it. However, during times of stress, or very big events, he has an 'Episode' where he convulses, and seizures. During this time, his body is painfully twisted, as his mind achieves enlightenment. It's a very dramatic scene, so Adwin spends a lot of his days away from prying eyes, since these Episodes can happen when ever.
Quiet, Dignified, and a Joker. Adwin has always been the quiet, but strong, base for Aurora. He enjoys quiet moments of relaxation, but also getting silly, and playing with his cubs. He is pretty large for a male, rivaling most of his old Pride mates when he was younger. But now he is that same large size, in a group of Lions, and Hybrids, of all shapes and sizes. He feels very comfortable with his Pride, and trusts most of them. He is extremely loyal, and intelligent, sometimes overlooking the smart option to protect a fellow Pride mate.
Background Story:
Is actually unknown. He doesn't care to talk about it. But the day he met Aurora, and Nadra changed his life forever. He fell in love with Aurora on their journeys, and helped her create Misfit Pride.


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