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Isshou (Hyena) Empty Isshou (Hyena)

Post  Rurouna on Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:59 pm

Isshou (Hyena) Scan0020-2-1-1

Name: Isshou ‘laugh’
Species: Spotted Hyena
Rank: Omega
Relationship: Ahanu Follower
Sex: Female
Mate: None as of yet
Offspring: None as of yet
Played By: Rurouna
Reference Sheet:
Unique Traits:
1 – Grey pelt with large brown spots
2 – Blue eyes
3 – is rather small
4 – is very submissive
5 – can control the weather when angered

Isshou's Story:

The female’s story is the same as her fellow pack member Wari, as she was abandoned as a pup by her parents, and always picked on by the vultures and other creatures. During his time exploring, Ahanu came across the limp body of the little pup and killing any vultures that dared peck at her, she awoke to savior… and is one of the most loyal members of Ahanu’s followers. Though she seems very fearful, she can be one of the most vicious of them all.

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