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Post  Rurouna on Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:40 pm

Kensaku (Hyena) Sc000c8289-1

Reff Sheet: (If available)
Creator's Name: Rurouna/Lucine
Name: Kensaku - Sinister
Symbol: None
Species: Spotted Hyena
Relationship: Enemy to All
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Mate: N/A
Cubs: N/A
Unique Traits:
1 - Solid black in coloration
2 - A white blaze that runs from the tip of his nose to inbetween his eyes
3 - A white goatee on his chin
4 - solid black eyes
5 - A darker black mane and tail
6 - White inner ears

Optional Personality:
Kensaka is exactly like his appearance... demonic and cold. He hates everything pretty much, and often finds pleasure in torturing and slaying ruthlessly. He isn't social, and often is always plotting something.

Kensaka can control shadows, and let them take the formation of solids. He can contort them, and control them, making them almost like extra appendages.

Backround Story:
Kensaka was born into a hard homelife, he infact was brought into an abusive relationship. Because his mother was the Alphaess of the pack, she was expected to take care of them... However she didn't, and her father became infuriated at her and took out his anger on her pups. Kensaka was the only one to survive his father's cruel beatings, though just barely. He pleaded to his mother to help, but she did nothing, and didn't seem to care either.

One day when his father once again returned for his daily beating, Kensaka had enough, and brutally murdered him, his mother and the rest of the pack. In his eyes... No one had helped him to escape from the pain, so they would all suffer, even his own mother.

That hate still holds strong, that no one was there to help him, so he carries that along with him as he continues on his bloodstained path.

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