Urina & Zeus (Hyenas)

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Urina & Zeus (Hyenas) Empty Urina & Zeus (Hyenas)

Post  Rurouna on Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:38 pm

Urina & Zeus (Hyenas) Sc000c5c0e-1

Reff Sheet:
Creator's Name: Lucine
Name: Urina
Species: Spotted Hyena
Sex: Female
Age: Pup
Sire: Ahanu
Dam: Maddy
Siblings: Zeus, Lumod, Ben
Mate: N/A
Cubs: N/A
Unique Traits:
1 - Has a little bit more of a tomboy look to her
2 - Light brown pelt with white spots, underbelly, and maw
3 - Bright, blue eyes
4 - A star symbol on the left side of her face, like her daddy
5 - Little bit of a darker brown for her mowhawk and ears

Urina is shy, quiet, and more similar to the hyena Isshou then her daddy or mom, though she has a strong attachment to her brother, Zeus. She tends to follow him around as close as she can and never wants to leave his side. She can be very social and playful at times, but remains timid and shy.

Since her father has a 'were' sort of venom running through his veins, it was passed onto his children as well... So Urina has that ability as well. In addition to that, she is able to control earth elements, often making grass into a soft bed for her and her brother to curl up in.

Backround Story:
She doesn't have much of a background story as of yet.


Urina & Zeus (Hyenas) Sc000c5c0e01-1

Reff Sheet:
Creator's Name: Lucine/Rurouna
Name: Zeus
Symbol: A sun symbol on the right side of his face
Species: Spotted Hyena
Sex: Male
Age: Pup
Sire: Ahanu
Dam: Maddy
Siblings: Urina, Lumod, Ben
Mate: N/A
Cubs: N/A
Unique Traits:
1 - Bright, and almost glowing blonde like mowhawk
2 - Light brown pelt with white paws and spots
3 - White maw and underbelly
4 - Pink nose
5 - Bright blue eyes
6 - Sun symbol on the right side of his face, opposite of his sister and father.

Optional Personality:
Zeus is a troublemaker, and more relates to his father. He acts as if he's a the biggest and baddest Hyena you'll find, and often finds himself in a situation with more then he can chew. But truly, he's a kind and caring pup already, and would do anything to protect his fellow siblings, especially his sister Urina, whom he has a tight bond with.

He also has the 'were' gene passed down into him from his father, just like his sister. But in addition to that, he is able to control electricity and create it from the nerve endings that jolt through his body.

Backround Story:
None as of yet.

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