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Urume, The Wandering Demon 4ae726f3ddaf9294830e55523dd844a0-d3521th-1
[Character Name]
-Wandering Shadow-


Two hundred and thirty

[Month of Birth]
December - Cold and Unforgiving

[Length; Nose to Tailtip]
Natural Form - 21'ft Long from tip of nose to tail, 6'3'' at the shoulder



One (will be here hopefully after the adoption is finished)

Nishati - Outcast however

[Unique Traits]
Urume was born a solid black color, and only as he matured did his white markings begin to show. He's solid for his size, and his silence along with his hellish appearance can seem rather intimidating to those who haven't met him before. His crimson eyes, upon looking into them, can frighten one at first, but the pain and sorrow from his past are what truly are held there. They are the only windows into his past that he allows, seeing as he's tried to erase all history from his memory.

What is most unique about Urume however are his abilities. He is able to manifest as well as control shadows, being able to make them solid and writhe. They can become as thin as mist, to as solid as a tree... They react to his emotions and become more uncontrollable the higher the emotion strains him.

Unlike what he was in the past, the friendly and caring creature he tried to be, he has become rather cold and distant, not wanting to be around any other creatures other then the shadows he calls friend. He can't stand to look at cubs, for they pain his heart for the cubs he could have had... He wished to have a family, and still in his heart still does, but fears that because of his demon like appearance, that it's not out of the question.

Deep down he does wish to be like he was before, to feel love again, but he's afraid of what will become of his heart if it's broken again.

Urume wasn't as cold and distant as he is now, in fact, he was a rather sociable and outgoing Ishi. Despite his appearance being rather intimidating, he wasn't thought of as the demon of shadows that he is now.

Urume was born in the Nishati lands (Another Pride) by a wandering female. The litter wasn't important to her as many cherish it to be, and simply left the little cluster of cubs to the elements in the middle of the territory. Their cries echoed over the small area, and a group of vultures quickly encircled the cluster. They picked off the fellow cubs one by one, but when they encountered the black pelt of Umeme, they faltered and stopped their actions. It was unknown why the ravenous birds didn't kill him as they had the others, instead, they flew away, leaving the little black male by himself.

A nearby fellow big cat, one that resembled a black panther, made her way through the woods. Her whiskers perked at the smell of blood, and she stepped into the open area where the cubs had been born. She looked them over, seeing only carnage from the birds, but was surprised to find one untouched. However, believing it was still dead, she pushed it aside with her paw only to have it squeal in protest. Shocked, she quickly snatched up the squirming ball of fur and disappeared into the shadows.

She was a cat striving for a family, and had not to long ago delivered a group of still-borns. It pained her, seeing as she felt as if her reason for being was no more... Until this cub fell into her paws. Since he was solid black, and she couldn't tell the colors of his fellow siblings, she believed that this was meant to be... and she found her cub. She quickly took him in as her own, and began to nurse him back from the brink.

After a few weeks of taking care of the cub, little things began to stand out to prove that he wasn't... normal. Little bumps formed on the back of his skull and upon his eyes opening... They were a deep, crimson red with no pupils. She was taken a back, but, refusing to give up the family she wanted, she kept going on that he was hers. Things began to change though as he matured more and more, his solid black pelt began to lighten in areas and he gradually formed the skull like marking over his face, as well as the other white markings along his body. His size seemed to double overnight, and his horns nearly erupted from his skull. However, he never seemed to find it odd that him and his 'mother' looked so different, and still was unaware of what had conspired that gruesome night.

Once he reached maturity, meaning his full weight and horn length, he noticed that there were things happening to him. Shadows seemed to follow him and play tricks with his paws. He wasn't sure what was going on, but engrossed himself with the abilities, beginning to train himself with his new found power. This however... Truly frightened his adoptive mother, wondering what demon she had taken in. She loved him though, but was finding it harder and harder to look at him without a pang of worry striking her. One night, the lovely life that Urume knew ended.

He approached his sleeping mother, nosing her softly only to be welcomed with an open paw. She batted furiously at his face, chipping his horns as she squirmed away. Unsure of what was going on, Urume backed up only to see the fear that flooded his mother's eyes. She hissed, before running, for what she believed... was her life. Confused, and now alone, Urume turned and walked away, trying to figure out what had happened, what he was... and where to go now.

Years had passed with him being on his own, and one day, while hunting, he discovered something that would change his world. He was taking down a gazelle, and upon chasing it through the brush, he quite literally came nose to nose with a fellow Misfit, though rogue at the time. She was a female...And beautiful at that. He was confused, seeing the horns over her head and realizing that he wasn't alone. He wasn't sure what to do, and she felt the same, but after a few moments of talking, then continuing the hunt together... a bond was formed. The two quickly struck up a relationship, and she frequently slipped from her pride to visit him in a cave he called home. Though once again, Urume's world crashed down.

She came one day, and he went to great her only to be met with a firm hiss. It brought back memories of that night with his mother, and he instantly stopped. She brought news she was carrying cubs, but... Ones that should have been her mate's, not some wandering Nishati. She confessed that she did love him, and had deep feelings from the start, but that this couldn't keep going on. With that... She left him alone once more.

His trust was broken, as was his heart, and this time he feared it wouldn't heal again. Leaving the den he had made as a home for himself, he wandered and found a brutish Moto in his way. He was a guard for patrolling the grounds, and quickly went to strike down the odd looking Ishi. Shadows enveloped him and found his neck, strangling him until he moved no more. He left the body, and continued forward. Upon the finding of the slain guard, he was dubbed the demon of shadows, and made to be seemingly like a legend. But to one Moto, he was very real...

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