Colton, The Caring Linion

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Colton, The Caring Linion Empty Colton, The Caring Linion

Post  Rurouna on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:23 pm

Name: Colton
Symbol: Odo Nyera Fie Kwan
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Mark: North- Misfit Mountains
Rank: ---Alpha's decide---
Mate: None as of yet
Cubs: None as of yet

Refrence image-
Colton, The Caring Linion Rurouna_comission_by_DJ88-1-1
Unique Traits:
1 - Colton stands at the height of a Clydesdale at the shoulder
2 - He has a thicker, longer, mane that trails to his underbelly, followed up with a longer, more bushy tail
3 - He has black fur that trails off of his paws, darkening the look to them
4 - He has a blaze down the front of his face, followed with a black muzzle
5 - On his rear he has a white spot with black blotches through it, also with zebra or tiger like stripes on all four of his legs
6 - He has bright green eyes, surrounded by a black ring of fur
7 - His mark is on the top of his tongue
8 - He has a black goat-tee of fur on his chin
9 - He is a Linion, though has more brute fource then one considering his size

Colton's Story:

A lesser known circus was Colton’s home and even though he was a rare breed of what he was, he wasn’t well known and often pictures taken of him were disproved as just being a flaw… However they were the furthest from the truth.

As one can imagine, animals at most poorer circuses aren’t really provided with the best conditions, and though he brought attention, as a colt he was taken from everything he knew and was trained to be that of a beast. They had often placed him in something similar to a lion cage, often prodding and poking at him with whips and poles, causing him to grow aggressive and to show off his more feline like abilities.

Despite being treated such as this… there was one human he trusted, the human that had taken care of him since he had been a colt. She was by the name of Sharon… and was one of the many mounted clowns of sorts that belonged to the circus, and was the only one to gain enough of his trust to let Colton even consider letting her take a seat over his back and treat him as if he was a regular horse. He enjoyed her company so, and often followed her through the barred cage he was kept in.

Though… Sharon later on soon grew tired of the circus life, and on one of their many visits to different cities, found that she had fallen in love. When Colton didn’t see her the next day… He waited patiently for his friend to return… However he hadn’t known that she had slipped away in the middle of the night to live her life as a regular person would… Leaving Colton alone and afraid.

Though she still loved him, and wanted to save him, before she was able to let her plan take action the circus left abruptly, separating the two forever. Colton since then had grown depressed, giving up on everything and only letting aggression take over. One day, it reached the next level, as when one of the lion trainers of sorts decided to draw to close to him in a threatening way, and in an instant the mans blood stained the ground. The crowd panicked and screamed, fleeing the large tent like theater and leaving Colton with an open cage and a new life. Though before he was able to make his escape, a dart struck his hide, causing him to fall unconscious.

He was meant to be put to sleep, seeing as he was a danger and a threat… However, something happened that he had never expected. As a last parting gift, Sharon had found some way to barter his freedom, and he now awoke inside of a crate on his way to a new world… and a new home… Only time would tell how he would adapt to it, but maybe it would just be what he had always been longing for.

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