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Aun, The Odd Cub Empty Aun, The Odd Cub

Post  Rurouna on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:19 pm

Name: Aun (a-u-n-e) 'Alpha and Omega'
Symbol: 'Hatred' placed on his tail
Sex: Male
Age: Cub
Mark: Misfit Mountains
Rank: ---Alpha's decide---
Mate: None yet
Cubs: None Yet
Reference Image: Aun, The Odd Cub _alpha_omega_buru__by_CheshireSmile-2
Unique Traits:
1 - Completely white with black markings, front feet, two center paws are black which go up the front of his leg then meet into a ring around his forearm. Back paws each toe is black.
2 - Crimson black eyes, pupil less.
3 - wing like symbols on his back that in high states of emotion he can activate to become actual wings.
4 - The symbols Alpha (left) and Omega (right) on his front paws.
5 - Pink nose, and pink inside of ears.
6 - Two golden earrings on his left ear, along with a golden ring at the base of his tail.
7- In heightened states of emotion he looses himself, more of his abilities showing through (which are still a mystery to all)
8- Dueclaws never retract

Aun's Story:

During the time of Aun's conceivement his pride was ruled over by two feuding males, nether really sure which one truly was dominant, and never got along. It was unknown how these two became the leaders of the pride, seeing as they were like sworn rivals, but when it came to certain things, they settled their differences.

Aun was a mistake however, As during a period of time when the feuding began again, in an act of spite one of the males took the other's favorite female and mated with her, only making matters worse. When the second male found out about the breeding, he attacked the other, scaring him badly and finally establishing who owned the pride. But as the male slowly began his embarrassing retreat, one problem still remained, What of the cubs?

Secretly the now alpha male plotted to dispose of the traitors spawn once they were born, seeing as he could never take the life of the female he loved. He kept this a secret though, seeing as she had taken to the pregnancy and seemed to want to keep any cubs, even if they weren't her mate's genes.

Finally the day of the birthing came, and all but one appeared normal. That made no difference though, seeing as how the female didn't care about fur color, and only focused on raising them as she would any other. The male however had other plans, and in the middle of the night stole all but the one odd cub... The others were never to be seen again.

When morning came, and the female saw only one cub remaining, and she smelt the blood of them on her mate, no matter how much he tried to wash it off, out of anger and betrayal she attacked him, only to fall to the side. It was hard for him to do, but out of defense he found he had killed his favorite of the lionesses in his pride. Saddened by this, he took up the lowly cub, and gave him to another lioness to take care of... Leaving Aun as the only memory of his fallen mate.

As Aun grew, he was like the natural cubs, playing and such and seeming to be normal, aside from his odd colors and such. The male somewhat took to the cub, seeming to want to raise him as if he were his very son. Though, Aun had an odd fear of the male, and didn't like his company, not trusting him for unknown reasons.

One day, as all families do, Aun got into an argument with the male, and despite being as young as he was, swatted a paw towards the large muzzle in front of him. A thundering paw crashed down onto the little cub, causing him to loose his breath. Out of reaction, the females pushed and pulled at the male, however old scars reopened, and Aun was told his entire story beneath the claws of his alpha. Fearful and confused Aun cried for help, sending the pride into an all out brawl. Females attacking the male, him trying to go after the little Aun whom was trying to duck for cover somewhere. Even his own foster mother's claws caught his rump, sending searing pain through him.

With all the emotion, his abilities activated, and he lost consciousness. He awoke hours later, covered in crimson and the male laying dead not to far from him. He was battered and bruised, but he'd survive. Afraid, seeing no other lions around, he ran, leaving everything he knew behind.

To this day, Aun still doesn't know that it was he who had killed the male... and that he had abilities beyond his wildest dreams.

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