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Kosha, Blind Survivor Empty Kosha, Blind Survivor

Post  Rurouna on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:06 pm

Name: Kosha (Blind One)
Symbol: ‘Child of Gaia’ on his left flank
Sex: Male
Age: Adolescent
Mark: The Hidden Kingdom
Rank: ---Alpha's decide---
Mate: N/A
Cubs: N/A
Unique Traits:
1 – Completely blind.
2 - Heightened senses though that he uses to in his own way see.
3 – Has radar like hearing that he uses to paint a mental picture of his surroundings.

Picture Appearance:
Kosha, Blind Survivor Kosha2563e

Appearance: Kosha is a forced to be reckoned with as he weighs in at a total of 530lb and is solid muscle through and through. From the tip of his nose to the end of his tail Kosha comes in at around 8ft and 6in in length and stands 4’’5’ high at the shoulder. His has a deep rich brown pelt and instead of a mane atop his head he has a more Mohawk type of hairstyle as it runs up from center of his back and rests atop his head. His paws are split into two colors, the top being black and the bottom white. He has pink paw pads beneath his heavy paws and in a way can easily stalk up on something without making a noise. Instead of having normal colored eyes, being blind, his are a mix of a bluish grey in color. He also has a small black blaze on the bridge of his nose right before it reaches his muzzle. He also has two black dots on the back of his ears giving him a bit more of cub like looks almost.

Kosha's Story:

Kosha was born in his pride by one of the lowest raking lionesses, and so of course took the place of his mother. When he was still a kit, it wasn’t clear that he had no eyesight, as both his eyes and ears were still shut.

Once opening his eyes, the pride was startled to see that they were completely white, no color at all being held in them, but at the little cub didn’t seemed to be fazed by his handy cap.

Throughout growing up as a blind cub, he was often made fun of by others and at times feared by how his eyes just seemed to stare off into nowhere. But in actuality he was one of the most agile, kind, caring, and one of the most intelligent lions in his pride.

Once he reached an adolescent’s age he was already a strong appearing male, though his mane had never formed which left him with a bit of a mohock like look, to his hair. He had ended up being one of the best hunters in the pride, and had made the low raking lioness he had as a mother proud by just being himself. It seemed that everything was going great, and his pride was perfect.

Though the dream of everything being perfect didn’t last long, as humans began to invade Kosha’s home, taking everything and leaving nothing. They had begun to capture and either kill or ‘relocate’ his family, until one night when he returned after a lone hunt… he was the only one left.

At first he was thinking that he should fight back against the humans, but when he came across one and his ears were filled with the sound of a loading rifle he hesitantly turned tail and left. He was just afraid and was now thinking that he was a disgrace because he was frightened to save his family, and that he’d probably never see them again.

After that incident Kosha became a wanderer, never settling down in one place for long before once again taking to his paws and moving forward. Though he came across a few prides, he was always thinking that humans were at his tail… so he never was able to accept that they could be home and just kept on moving. His blindness never slowed him down though, as he accepted both as a gift… and a curse.

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