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Post  Rurouna on Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:50 pm

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Creator's Name: Rurouna/ Lucine
Name: Akuma (devil, demon, evil spirit)
Symbol: Eastern Star on the bottom of his tongue
Species: Demon trapped in the form of a cub
Relationship: For now, Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: Ancient yet is in the form of a cub
Mark: Badland
Sire: None
Dam: None
Siblings: None
Mate: None
Cubs: None
Unique Traits:
1 – Appearances shouldn’t be overlooked, despite him being only the size of a young cub; he is very powerful for his little body.
2 – Has two horns on the top of his head that curl back into points.
3 – Has a fiery orange pelt and can conjure up a small amount of his abilities in this form.
4 – When in danger, bat like wings appear across his back, allowing him flight, but seeing as his abilities are limited, they are very hard to sustain for a long period of time.
5 – Held in a barb in the tuft of his tail is a venomous stinger that causes his victim to fall paralyzed.
6 – If he exceeds the amount of abilities he can use in this form he will fall unconscious and be weakened for a long period of time afterward.
7- Has a very light and squeaky english accent
Awakened Form
1- Handsome appearance completed with longer horns and a more spiky mane
2- Powers are unleashed and are under his complete and total control
3- Speaks in his typical 'attempted seductive' english accent

Despite appearing like a cub, Akuma had reached sexual maturity years ago, and he can’t help being flirtatious to the pretty females that often try to take care of him for his adorable little appearance. But once they find out that he isn’t exactly what he appears, they normally leave him to fend for himself once again. That doesn’t deter the little guy though, seeing as he’s very stubborn and will often trail the female for time until he finds himself eating dirt. He has a very hellion like attitude, wanting to always cause a stir and raise trouble, but aside from being a demon, he can be wise… though more then often he just tries to get his own way.

Background Story:
Akuma was the second in command in one of the prides he belonged to, often controlling volcano’s eruptions and wiping out decimates amounts of areas to simply expand the territory he was used to. However, seeing as he began to start to grow out of hand and soon became a threat to the ‘boss’ his alpha banished him, exiling him from the pride and sending him off on his own.

However, being the selfish feline Akuma was, he vowed revenge, and one night proceeded in such. He struck down the alpha, grinning like the monster he truly was inside as he felt the blood poor out from his wounds. However, he was displeased when the alpha grinned and laughed… and with his final words and his spilt blood… cursed Akuma. He had expected such from the rebel, and had planned this out before hand.

Akuma found himself as a cub, atop the dead alpha. At first he didn’t think this would bother him much, seeing as he was just smaller, but he soon found his powers were limited if barely there. He cursed as the pride then turned on him, following their Alpha’s last orders… and driving him out. What was worse was his least favorite of the pride was voted in command… and he vowed to get the pride back and to reclaim his rightful place.

He had wandered, not knowing how hard it was to function as normal, let alone as a cub. He has been trapped like this for years now though, and still hasn’t grown used to it. The only way he can break the curse… do something he never will believe he will do. Find love and have it returned.

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