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Nkiruka, The Scarred Demon Nkiruka_by_RabidPanda1313-1

Name: Nkiruka ‘The Best is Yet to Come’
Species: Lioness
Relationship: Rogue/Bad
Sex: Female
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Played By: Rurouna
Reference Sheet: http://rurouna.deviantart.com/art/New-Chari-Nkiruka-78443528
Unique Traits:
1 – Is a pure midnight black in color, often being mistaken for a panther
2 – Has reddish green eyes
3 – Is covered from nearly head to paw in scars from previous battles
4 – Is a brute of a female.

Nkiruka’s Story:

Nkiruka was born into a normal pride, however, only a few months after her birth, two males whom wanted to claim the pride as their own challenged her father. In a valiant attempt to keep his pride, her father fought… but fell in a pile of his own blood. The mighty king she had known… was beaten.

In the usual procedure, the males began to go around and snap the necks of the young cubs. Her mother stood over her, snarling with everything she had, and seeing how she refused to move, and fought back as her mate had… The males had no choice but to kill her. Seeing so much death in one day, Nkiruka was frightened, but something inside of her snapped and she went after the leader of the males, ripping through his ear and clawing furiously at his face.

As she fell to the ground beneath a mighty paw, she panted heavily, a look of sheer hatred in her eyes. There was no pity, but amused by her actions, the male let her go… That would be his greatest mistake.

Throughout her growth, Nikruka did what seemed to be the most pitiful of thing… She gave into the males, finally submitting and seeming to just relax where she was.

However, once she became fully-grown and her sleek black pelt appealed to the males, she only waited… She had been trained by them to fight, and little did they know that deciding that would be their own downfall. She lured them close, before suddenly snuffing out their lives, screaming the names of her parents as she did so. She never forgot what they had done to her… and she had always vowed to get revenge, now she finally did.

As the limp bodies fell to the ground, the other lionesses of the pride cowered, thinking that she was a demon. However, she simply turned her back on them and left. She had done what she needed… and was no longer a part of this pride.

Since then, rumors of the demon lioness had spread, and many lions stood up to her to try and oppose her… All failed. She hates male lions for what all they had done to her family…. And females just don’t appeal to her. She’s an outcast, alone… and will always be.

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