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Lucine, The Lonely One _Take_it_All_Away__by_Rurouna-1

Name: Lucine
Symbol: I really don't have a symbol besides her markings if that's all right.
Sex: Female
Age: Adolescent
Mark: West Mark- Hidden Kingdom
Rank: Hunter
Mate: None yet
Cubs: None yet
Reference Picture:
Unique Traits:
((After bitten by Ahanu))
1- When experiencing high emotions a side of her awakes, which takes over making her aggressive and severely dangerous.
2. This also is effected by the fazes of the moon
3. Incredibly strong when the faze takes over.

Appearance- Though Kamaria is female, she has a large tuft of black fur, almost mane like that runs up her back and rests with a large bangs on her head. Her coloring is a tan, or fawn almost, which is odd enough that it doesn’t really match the black markings that run over her body. She weighs a whopping total of 550lb, which is a high weight for a female lioness, but is pure muscle, and is and can be a natural killing machine. She stands 4''' in height at her shoulder, and is a force to be reckoned with if angered. She has thick black markings that reach from the tips of her paws to her shoulders, and also has a small black blaze on the length of her tail. Under her crystal blue eyes on either side, two black spots are apparent. The tuft of fur on her tail is also black and matches her markings. She has a white blaze that runs over her muzzle and all the way down her chest, and across her furred belly, leading to her tail.

History: Lucine was born at night, hence the name like the moon. Tragically though as Lucine was born her mother perished, as did her other littler mates who were still trapped within her mother's womb.

Lucine's mother had been a loner, never really belonging to a pride, but had been taken in by a pair of rogue males. But because of fear of competition between the males over her newborn cubs, and who was alpha or not, she fled saving their lives, and sacrificing hers.

Attracted by the blood, a group of vultures arrived, quickly picking away at her mothers caucus, and being blind and helpless there was little the little cub could do.

Though barks broke though the darkness of the night, quickly interrupting the grisly meal and a large pack of hyena approached. The alpha female of the group approached the lioness's body only to find a shivering and yipping cub. At fist she planned to dispose of the baby, but something in her heart warmed, and against the advice of the other hyena in the pack, she took the little cub in.

Lucine, at first went through many rough times being a lion in a hyena's pack. Being picked on, nipped, and at times even refused food was the usual she went through. But that was until she grew, ending up being far larger then any of the hyena, and much stronger. Then and only then was she truly accepted as one of their own. Lucine had not known anything else but what the hyena had taught her, though something inside was still pulling at her, something she felt she was missing.

One day, a group of hunting lionesses entered the hyena’s territory and being the head bodyguard, Lucine ran out to confront them. She threatened them with a loud and angry roar, but only managed to startle them. A laugh escaped the group as they encircled her, sneering and growling. And that was when the truth fell like an elephant atop the poor, un-expecting Lucine... that she was no hyena... she was truly a lion.

Hyenas were all she could remember, as hard as she tried, and seeking answers from her adoptive hyena mother, her ears filled with the tale of how she was found... and what had truly occurred the night she was born.

Hurt, scared, and confused, Lucine fled, never to return to the pack who had raised and taken care of her since she was a cub, she was now... a rogue, a loner. Never to really fit into a place to call her own.

As she was searching for a new land and place to call home, a dart struck her in the backside, causing pain to rush through her but before she could react, darkness took over as if night had suddenly fallen atop her, and she fell to the ground, unconscious.

Opening a pair of weak eyes, she was surprised to have at least two other pairs looking down back to hers before a gasp could be heard throughout a strange cloth like shelter. A click of something snapped, and a tight sensation was felt around her neck, startling her as she leapt up, knocking the strange creatures to the ground. She wasn't supposed to be awake now... apparently the sedative they used wasn't strong enough, and she awoke in the middle of what the humans had begun to do to her.

Still groggy from the tranquilizer, she leapt forward, sending any and all equipment the humans had brought with them crashing to the ground and shattering.

Even after Lucine had escaped the human's tent, something still wasn't right, there was an odd feeling around her neck and remembering the snap from before, she rushed to the nearest water whole to see what it was.

She blinked, confused at what was placed around her neck. It was some sort of collar, and a small brown barrel like thing dangled from a metal clip. It was then she realized this must have been some of the 'cursed' things her pack had been talking about. It was said that once it was placed on an animal that the strange creatures that captured them would keep returning. She gasped and tried to squeeze out of it, but to no avail. Sighing she turned and began to continue her lonely journey.

She hadn't realized that all the different electronics she destroyed back in the tent were actually the thing keeping her tracking device going, and now that they were broken... she was free, only to suffer with the itchiness of the collar.

Lucine was by now full grown, but still hadn't found a place to settle in, mostly every place she grew close to calling a home they found something wrong with her, and chased her out. Many a time she has cried herself to sleep, in hopes and prayers of finding a home... but only time will tell.

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