Etain; The Painted Sun Goddess

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Etain; The Painted Sun Goddess Empty Etain; The Painted Sun Goddess

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Etain; The Painted Sun Goddess Etain2Small

Reference Sheet: This right here.
Name & Meaning: Etain meaning "Sun Goddess"
Symbol & Meaning: None.
Species: Lion.
Relationship: Rogue.
Sex: Female.
Age: 22 years old (Adult).
Rank: Rogue.
Mark: Rogue.
Sire: Unknown.
Dam: Unknown.
Siblings: Unknown.
Mate: None; Looking.
Cubs: None.
Unique Traits:
1 - Bright fur.
2 - Stripes and dorsal line.
3 - Spots along dorsal line.
4 - Bright blue eyes.
Abilities: None.
Personality: Cold, and ruthless with strangers. Has an intense hatred for Males, especially dumb ones. Prefers the company of Lionesses because she believes they are the wiser, stronger, and most intelligent of the species. However, if she ever met a Male who could change her opinion, and show her they can be intelligent, sincere, and strong, she would change her mind completely. Her only weakness, which can make her forget her hate, are babies. Babies of any and all species. Her personal moral code is to never kill anything that has offspring to depend on it. Her maternal instincts are very strong, she will do anything to protect a cub. She is looking for a Male whom she can breed with, and move on, believing all Males are useless. She is VERY loyal, especially to female Leaders.
Background Story:
Etain came from a pride of Lions who were the same as any other. However, her pride's male was challenged by a rogue, and he was killed. She was cast out, like all the other cubs in her pride, expected to fend for themselves. She was quickly picked up by some Humans before she starved to death, she was raised in their loving care. They would cover her fur with intricate markings, made from clay, berries, and animal blood. Since the tribe followed the Sun God, she was painted in favor of him. When she became older, she broke free from the humans. It's not that she didn't like them, but her heart told her she belonged in the wild. The years of painting, caused her beautiful light pelt to be forever stained with the markings of the sun god. After spending so many years being called "Etain" and praised, she has grown a bit, antisocial, and forgets her original name. She also has a huge love for the sun, believing in the Sun God.


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