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Buru, Bull of the Savannah  Empty Buru, Bull of the Savannah

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Buru, Bull of the Savannah  _alpha_omega_buru__by_CheshireSmile-1

Name: Buru meaning Bull
Symbol: None other then his scar
Sex: Male
Age: Adolescent
Mark: North Mark – Misfit Mountains
Rank: Rook
Mate: No one yet
Cubs: None
Reference Picture:
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48702747/ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/464353...me+-in%3Ascraps
Unique Traits:
1 – His body is split into two halves, the left white and the right black
2 – He has two toned eyes, the left along with the white fur he bears a brown eye, and the right an icy blue.
3 – His mane, paws, and scar is an inverse of his color, so mostly the exact opposite of his fur color.
4 – He is the size of a waterbuffalo itself, hence the name, and roughly similar in weight
5 – His ability is an amazing strength and rapid healing.

Buru's Story: It seemed a normal pride, a normal lioness, a normal birthing, but the cub that was the result was anything far from normal. He was split into two halves, his left side a snowy white and his right a midnight black. This caused the pride to recoil at the cub’s strange markings, but slowly come to accept him as a ‘blessing’.

However though, as the lionesses headed out to hunt, a stampede of water buffalo took them by surprise that tore through the pride’s lands, trampling and crushing anything that came in their path. In the process… They entered the birthing area and made their way toward the newly born prince. However though… Something caused them to stop dead in their tracks before turning tail in the opposite direction and disappearing into the savanna.

The mother lioness rushed over to find her cub unharmed, and dumbfounded at what had stopped the stampede and why her baby wasn’t crushed. Because of that experience the cub was named Buru, or bull.

As Buru grew, so did his strength and when he reached the age to walk, he was larger then any of the other cubs, and amazingly developing much faster then them. He was going to be a fantastic lion when he grew older, but his strange markings always seemed to get him into trouble.

At times he reached points in his life when the fellow cubs would make fun of him, unknowing to them though his powers were only beginning to develop. One time one of the episodes of bullying went to far when a cub older then himself shoved him, in an attempt to appear strong by pinning the future prince… but… The cub was soon air born and was quickly outmatched by the little Buru. It was then that the lions began to realize that this cub wasn’t all that normal, but still treated him as one.

The pride was living a normal life, hunting, mating and continuing on as such but that all changed when human tread foot in their land. They were illegal hunters, bounty gatherers only here to take a few things from a lion’s body and leave the rest. They were selfish, and came with arms raised into the pride’s home. Buru’s father rose and began to try and scare them off, taking one of the humans down and killing him, however though… he was also the first to fall and left the pride vulnerable. Buru could only watch as his family was killed for their heads or organs… and he cowered back in a small rock formation hoping not to be found.

However though, his odd markings weren’t meant for camouflage and one of the humans found him, grasping him by the scruff and lifting him as a prize. They weren’t going to kill him… not yet at least. His strange appearance was bound to be able to get some money as an attraction, and they quickly caged him and drove away from the massacre they left behind… All Buru knew… was now gone.

They brought Buru to the America’s, using him in shows and eventually in a way taming him, as with the sorrow in his heart he gave up and gave in to what they wanted. He was a star there… and was slowly becoming famous.

As Buru grew, his power became more and more subdued as if he knew he was to attack or act out… there was to be no dinner. So in a way… He became like a pet. Though his mind was domesticated, his heart was not… and was beginning to long for his home from before… wishing he had all of that to return to, but now that was gone.

Buru grew far larger then many had expected, his brutish form made him seem like a weight lifter, even though he hadn’t used his amazing strength in so long… he was beginning to forget he even had that ability.

Surprisingly, his human owners decided to make a trip back to Africa, to see what type of reaction the men and women there would give their magnificent beast, but this only began to drive the longing in Buru’s heart for freedom.

Putting the chain like collar around his neck, they walked him from his cage, which was obviously to small for him now, and began to show him off to the citizens, just showing how tame and beautiful he seemed. These humans were getting rich off of him… and Buru was noticing this… and growing discussed. He was now in his old turf, as the ground beneath his paws began to give him an overpowering feeling… Run… Run back… Run away.

Something in Buru’s mind snapped, and his two toned eyes grew wide as he turned on the holder of his lead, easily overpowering him and beginning to try and take him down, causing the other humans to shriek and run… He was no longer a pet… he was a lion. Another human approached, and began to strike him with their fists, but only found that nothing penetrated his thick muscular build… It was then that one drew a knife and quickly slashed him across the face which caused him to release the human from his grasps, though it didn’t appear as if his once master was going to survive the blows he sent.

It was then that Buru fled, disappearing into the savanna lands… his old home gone… nothing left… where was he to go? He didn’t know… nor did he care. All he was going to do now… Was to run and let his paws guide him to where he belonged.

-Profile Will Be Updated/ReWritten Soon-

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