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Reference Sheet:
Name: Adjatay (Prince.)
Symbol: Unknown.
Species: Lion.
Relationship: Pride member.
Sex: Male.
Age: Adult.
Rank: Alpha's Protector.
Mark: Life Tree Currently.
Sire: Alpha Adwin-Badru.
Dam: Alpha Aurora Sankofa.
Siblings: Hakim, Sauda, and Kayin.
Mate: Looking.
Cubs: N/A
Unique Traits: Unknown.
Abilities: Unknown.
Personality: Adjatay was the first born, and looked almost exactly like his mother. There were excited by the first born being a male, and immediately named him Adjatay, meaning Prince. Adjatay has been quiet and brooding most of his life, and as an adult he's finally starting to lighten up. However being the first born, he wants to be the next Alpha, and is starting to show some power hungry tendencies. However his brother's foreseeing this, are helping him stop these thoughts. He's jealous that they have such strong abilities, and he has no idea what his is supposed to be, or if he'll have any at all.
Background Story: Born to the Alphas a couple years ago. He's the first born.


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