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Post  Susano on Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:35 pm

Reference Sheet: Here!
Name & Meaning: Koji (Ko-jee) - Orphan
Symbol & Meaning:
OSRAM NE NSOROMMA(moon and the star) - Love, Faithfulness, Harmony.
Species: Hyena
Relationship: Pride pup
Sex: Male
Age: around 5 months (just barely eating meat)
Rank: Anything he'd be good at?
Mark: Life Tree
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Adopted by Natsumi
Siblings: none
Mate: none
Unique Traits: A blood red spotted Hyena with black markings. Bright blue eyes. He seems to be a bit small for a pup.
Abilities: Unknown
Personality: Shy and cautious he sticks as close to Natsumi as possible. He's too young to talk, but he expresses himself well. Very playful and eager to learn anything. Very curious but knows wrong from right.
Background Story: Koji's mother was killed in the brush fire. He would have met the same fate if it hadn't been for Natsumi. She carried him through the entire fire, even while she helped other lions. Now he is part of the Misfit Pride as Natsumi's son, and he isn't about to disappoint her or his pride.

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