Naasir (Lion/Leopard Hybrid)

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Naasir (Lion/Leopard Hybrid) Empty Naasir (Lion/Leopard Hybrid)

Post  Naasir on Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:26 pm

His Reference Sheet is right here

Name & Meaning: Naasir (Defender)
Symbol & Meaning: Celtic Knot
Species: African leopard/lion
Relationship: Member
Sex: Male
Age: Adolescent
Rank: Alpha's Protector
Mark: Living Falls
Sire: Bartrem
Dam: Lilu
Mate: none (looking)
Unique Traits: N/A
Abilities: Fire-proof pelt/ firestorm when enraged
Personality: soft-spoken, charming, kind, loyal, but at times distant. good leader when in groups, and firm when stating opinion or giving orders.
Background Story: Naasir roamed around the southern mark minding his own business until the brush fire started. During this he rescues a fellow rogue and gets introduced to the pride. His mother, Lilu, was an african leopard, and in personality he is generally identical to her. His markings come from his father, Bartrem, who was a large african lion with a charming exterior but was extremely violent and unpredictable. Lilu left Bartrem with Naasir shortly after he turned 4 weeks old to roam in search of a home. Eventually they came upon the living falls mark, and when Naasir came of age he left his mother to start a life of his own. He was very close to his mother, but his leopard nature made him look for a solitary life. That is, until he meets the pride...

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