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Reference Sheet:

Name: Nadra -- Meaning: Unusual

Symbol: Akoma Ntoaso -- Literally: "the joined or united hearts," perhaps because of an agreement between the parties or individuals. Also, the bonding that occurs after a disagreement or misunderstanding, when the parties make amends.

Species: Lioness
Relationship: Pride Member
Sex: Female
Age: Young Adult

Rank: Scout/Alpha's Protector
Mark: Center Mark
Mate: None.

Unique Traits:
- Obvious unusual colors for a lion.
- Smallest stature out of adult lionesses, may sometimes be mistaken as a cub or younger adolescent.
- Branded number: 302 just beneath right shoulder.

- Manipulation of her own shadow; conjure to solid form to use, may be offense or defensive.
- Displays high stamina, thus making her a difficult adversary to defeat.

Generally standoffish, impulsive, and hard to handle at times. She is stubborn and generally has a problem with most authority if it's not coming straight from the Alphas. Youthful, Nadra is also childish, selfish, and attention seeking towards certain people she wants to impress or feels insecure around. She likes to feel needed. Our girl here is no coward either and loves a good fight, generally picking them with the wrong creatures all the time. There are trust issues with this one, but once you're close enough you can bet that Nadra can be the loyal and protective type. Don't be fooled by her demeanor, she wants friends besides those she already holds close, but has a difficult time functioning in normal social settings. She has a vendetta against any humans that are unfortunate enough cross her path.

Background Story
Prior to meeting with Aurora, Nadra had been alone for about a year, fending for herself. Her mother was outcast from their Pride for mating with a rogue lion, thus having cubs in the wild. After a few hard months of scavenging the lioness was forced to the ends of the African plains by hyenas and other predators to take up a small territory near a tribe of men. Unfortunately, this tribe was currently being visited by the white man - and once they caught wind of the peculiar colored lions, they hunted and caged them. Nadra was separated from her mother and two other siblings, painfully branded, and then shipped off to the black market. During this travel, her desperation awakened her shadow powers, and in a last moment attempt to break free - completely demolished the metal cage and truck that was shipping her away, leaving no trace. Nadra became a rogue lion, eventually meeting up with Aurora and together they began to form the Misfit Pride.


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