Thoughtful hunting.

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Thoughtful hunting. Empty Thoughtful hunting.

Post  zabor on Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:58 pm

Nawvlee sighed as he watched the buffalo, eyes scanning the herd he had found, looking for any weakness or injuries in the herd, anything for an easy kill. He had spent most of his time out here, hunting for the pride and keeping his mind mostly clear, though it was not helping today. Frowning slightly he shook his head, standing up and moving into the shade of a tree, laying down and watching the buffalo, though his mind wandered. He did not feel at home with the pride, though he blamed that on his own insecurity on how to act and who to speak with. Though, with the alpha now ill he felt even more outside, and he kept away, not wanting to get into trouble with anyone.

Sighing he sat up, shaking his head and watching the buffalo, narrowing his eyes. He belonged to this pride, thus he had to do his job, hunting for them....Until the alpha or anyone high ranking told him otherwise he would keep it up...Tired of buffalo hunting as he was, he had yet to find what he he hunted buffalo again, knowing the pride would appriciate the meat.

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