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Post  zabor on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:49 am

Reference Sheet:

Name & Meaning: Chiumbo, meaning small

Symbol & Meaning: Fihankra, house/compound, security and safety

Species: lion

Relationship: member

Sex: male

Age: 30 years.

Rank: apprentice for spy

Mark: West Mark.

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Siblings: none

Mate: none (yet)

Cubs: none

Unique Traits: colors, glowing fur around his eyes, long prehensile tail.

Abilities: can change colors to match the background, almost like becoming invisible, prehensile tail that can stretch and coil strongly around enemies or branches.

Personality: cold, mean, rude and violent, though can be slightly gentle towards those he call friends.

Background Story: Chiumbo was born into a group of lab lions, and experimented on from birth. He used to have two beautiful wings, but the humans tore them of to see of he could re-grow his wings or if he would survive the infections he got. His wings did not grow back, but he got stronger, and a lot more aggressive after this, attacking humans and other lions as he grew. He got more violent as he grow, the humans cruel treatment of him only making him worse, as he was pitted against other lions and other creatures as he got bigger. After several years he had turned into a cruel beast, whom even the humans now feared. One day a kind human girl came into the lab, and let all the lions out, Chiumbo included. This was the first time he had experienced any kindness, and he ran away, confused and uncertain. As time passed he learned to hunt and kill on his own, though becoming a man-eater just out of revenge, being chased off by other lions anywhere. In a fight with another lion he was told about the misfit pride and headed there, curious to see if he could fit in there.

Chiumbo is © me, do not use without permission.

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