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Lost in Thought

Post  Rurouna on Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:12 pm

Colton sighed softly as he let his haunches settle among the vast amount of herbs that had slowly begun to spring back to life in the Healing Winds... It seemed like it had been forever since that fire had happened, and life was only beginning to start anew... But for Colton, to him these little sparks of life hopefully meant new hope for the pride. Lowering his equine like face down to some of the small sprouts that were lifting from the ground, he flared his nostrils for a moment, taking in their aroma before snorting and rearing his head back up. Shaking out his thick mane, he lifted a paw and rubbed it against the side of his face, a low murring sound rumbling from his large body. He hadn't seen many members of the pride lately, and after he spoke with Buru and what all had transpired with the Alphas and the neighboring pride, they needed all the herbs they could get. Flicking his tail behind him, Colton reached back with his maw and picked up a couple spare seeds from his satchel. Despite spending most of his time down here, he didn't flank his main job of going and collecting more plants that might heal the pride.

Letting slender claws unsheath from his pads, he dug small holes in the ground before then dropping the few tiny lives into the soil before dragging his paw back over to cover them up. His hide twitched as he shook his body a little before settling down onto his belly among the plants. This was where he felt at home... Despite him being so different from all the other members, he always felt as if these plants would accept him. Chuffing softly, he let his eyes roll closed and relaxed... A linion's slumber awaiting him.

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