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Jawrott (Hyena) SmallJawrott

Reference Sheet: Right Here.
Name: Once was named Maniac, but now known as Jawrott (Jaw-Rotten)
Species: Hyena.
Relationship: Enemy.
Sex: Female.
Age: Adult.
Rank: Rogue, but searching to create her own Pack.
Sire: Unknown.
Dam: Shani.
Siblings: Jomo, Aziza, Dumaka, Chatha.
Mate: Looking.
Cubs: N/A.
Unique Traits:
1. Her unique light and dark toned spots.
2. Purple eyes, and dark purple nose.
3. Numerous scars from fighting to survive.
4. Unusually small for an Adult.
5. Higher then normal intelligence.
6. Very low Strength.
Abilities: Unknown.
Personality: Straight to the point, and intolerant of chatty idiots. The typical hyena is like nails to a chalkboard. She enjoys when others are quiet until they come up with a good idea. She prefers company with males, they generally don't attempt to make her mad. Females are too clever for her liking, she wants to be the only one who makes decisions and plans. When it comes to courtship, she softens her attitude, but not by much. She is a queen of manipulators.
Background Story:
Born in a game preserve, she was originally known as Dalila, she was the Alpha b*tch's first born out of five. Expected to take over the Alpha position, she grew up being trained by the whole Pack, except there was one member who wasn't fond of the idea. Jawrott's own Aunt, her beloved Mother's only sister. Her name was Sanya, and she was covered in almost a pure black coat, with light brown spots. She was only slightly younger then her sister, but because of her sister having pups, her chances at becoming Alpha were gone.
However, if something were to happen to Jawrott, and her little sister, Aziza, that would leave Sanya as the rightful Alpha next in line. Jawrott new this, but far too late in to the game. Thankfully Jawrott didn't have to worry about her three brothers, they were males, they would only get Alpha position if there were no females left to take the spot. But, she did have to keep a good watch for her sister Aziza.
One night, she was awoken by the strangest of sounds. Something that sounded like, when the Adults would bring back fresh gazelle, which was a big treat for them, and the adults would pull off juicy chunks of liver and heart for the pups. This sound, sounded like that. She ventured out of her den, leaving her sleeping siblings behind. In the communal hall, that was the exit and entrance in to all the dens, lay her mother, wheezing quietly on the dirt floor, with her Aunt Sanya leaning over her, whispering, before pulling chunks of meat, and vein tissues from her neck.
Jawrott had no voice, no ability to move, before she knew it, Sanya had scooped her up in her bloody disgusting jaws, and was carrying her away from home. She could do nothing, but let the tears of grief and fear roll down her muzzle. She stared at the ground while it sucked up her tears greedily. The dry season had been so stressful, but now, what was going to happen? Her mom was gone, she was gone, and now her own family was going to kill her. Except, that's not what happened. A tree had fallen on the fence that protected the preserve, Sanya climbed up it, and from the edge, she tossed Jawrott out, grinning wildly from her perch.
"Good bye, Niece, I'm afraid this will be the last time we'll ever see each other. A pity, I bet you would have been good competition." Without much else, she climbed down, and saunters back to the den. Jawrott pressed herself against the fence, trying with all her might to push herself through it. She wanted to be home, curled up with her siblings, listening to her Mom's soft breathing. But now, she would never hear or feel any of that again.
Jawrott spent the rest of her life bouncing from one pack to another. All the while her mind would be else where, back home in her old den. Wondering why her Aunt would do this to her, all over being Alpha. Wondering what the pack thought about Sanya's cold hearted killing of their Alpha. Wondering what happened to Aziza. Growing up as the Alpha's child had prepared her to be Alpha, not the lowest pack mate. She couldn't stand it, and would leave. Now she's back in the Misfit Territory, looking for her own Pack.

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