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Post  WolvenRemorse on Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:38 am

Creator's Name: WolvenRemorse / Kiyoshi
Name: Aurora "Dawn" Sankofa
Symbol: "Learning from the past"
Sex: Female
Rank: Alpha Female / Breeding
Mate: Adwin - Badru
(First Litter) Adjatay, Hakim, Sauda, Kayin.
(Second Litter) Itzel, Deceased, Deceased, Chike.
(Third Litter) Unborn
Unique Traits:
1 - Bandanna with Feather from Human Tribe
2 - Two Earrings in each ear, connected together
3 - Two trails of gray spots from snout to tail tip
4 - Symbol carved in to left shoulder
5 - Scar from being ambushed on left haunch
6 - Facial Markings

Aurora's Story:
She was born within a Human Tribe, the Tribe had lions for protection and to ride. In return the lions were given food and huts to sleep in and treated like goddesses. But a neighboring Tribe attacked them in the dead of night and killed the people, torched their homes, and the Lionesses were set free. Now she's all on her own and trying to find somewhere to belong but since she smells like Human, Lions won't take her in to their pride. So whenever she finds an abandoned Lion by themselves, she takes them in and is slowly creating her own Pride. She has a Bandanna tied around her neck and a feather dangling from that because it was the only way The Tribe knew her from the other Wild Lions, she continues to wear it, in fear she may forget where she had come from.

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